About Duco

Duco is reinventing the way enterprises hire expert consultants to solve their biggest challenges.

Duco’s clients have direct access to hundreds of vetted experts from around the globe who can immediately join their team. Duco’s roster includes former high-ranking government officials; leading defense, technology, and security specialists; and other influential industry executives and foreign policy professionals.

Duco offers advanced survey capabilities, executive training modules and table-top exercises, mechanisms to rapidly launch thought-leader advocacy campaigns, and robust project management tools to manage high-profile consulting engagements more efficiently and effectively. Clients can connect with and hire experts directly on our platform, or have our Duco team tailor engagements to fit their specific needs.

Build Your Team

Browse experts on the Duco Platform, or sign up for our white glove services.

Directly Connect

Use Duco to connect with experts via message, text, and phone directly in the platform.

Compliance First

Electronically issue and sign NDAs without having to leave the platform.

Hassle Free

We will handle recruiting, compliance, and payments so you can focus on the task at hand.

Sidney Olinyk, Founder and CEO

Sidney is the Founder & CEO at Duco, an exclusive online marketplace reinventing the way enterprises qualify, engage, and secure high-value contracts with top-tier global consultants.

Sidney's career spans national security, leadership development, and entrepreneurship – from the Pentagon to civil society to Silicon Valley. She has extensive experience managing people, processes, and operations in multiple organizations in both the private and public sectors.

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